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asnell21 wrote
at 8:23pm on September 20th
  Let's go state!!!

Blessed & Cursed wrote
at 3:33am on September 19th
  im about to be on a comeup yall aint ready

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 8:50pm on September 18th
  marloreid143 - use the CONTACT US link at the bottom of the page and email us the userID and/or email. We'll reset it.

marloreid143 wrote
at 8:12pm on September 18th
  One of the people in my pool locked himself out of being able to sign in. The reset password that was emailed to him doesn't work. Perhaps he tried it too many times. How can I help him get reset??

Reganm wrote
at 11:49am on September 18th
  Ryan and I are kicking ass - lol

BustaKaep wrote
at 11:05am on September 18th

Bernies Pics wrote
at 9:47am on September 18th
  Who is Booger?

codyfrickinrobinson wrote
at 3:18pm on September 16th
  anyone having issues with their picks defaulting back to home team only in the NFL pool?

dave oliver wrote
at 8:14pm on September 14th
  dave oliver - STANDINGS page

Romeo picks wrote
at 7:43pm on September 14th
  NFL pick em

dave oliver wrote
at 6:03pm on September 14th
  I can't see the Monday tie breaker points picks for any of the other people in my NFL pool. How do I see them? The picks are viewable, but not the tiebreaker points.

J Smooth wrote
at 4:16pm on September 13th
  Swami ill keep ya close to give you confidence for now..

pchezzsr wrote
at 8:50am on September 13th
  I'm planning on making a strong push to the top in the next few weeks guys. Beware

HSFootball14 wrote
at 10:42am on September 11th
  Good games this weekend

charliewb7 wrote
at 8:57am on September 11th
  1. I'm giving you guys a head start. 2. Let's see who's laughing after week 2

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