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CW7878 wrote
at 5:43pm on August 5th
  is there a way to lock the spreads during the week. like say on Tuesday and everyone in the pool have the same spread?

Gibby_78 wrote
at 3:34pm on August 5th

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 11:30am on August 5th
  Bomber37 - we'll have partner pools up in a week or so. You can join these public pools.

morelia1985 wrote
at 7:27pm on July 13th
  MOLE, congratulations!!!!!

joeschmermund wrote
at 9:54am on July 12th
  Who's going to win the World Cup game tonight?

joeschmermund wrote
at 9:50am on July 12th
  Who's going to win the World Cup game tonight?

waqasm wrote
at 4:48pm on June 27th
  Hi Khalid

khalidalqasem wrote
at 5:10am on June 26th
  Hi Waqas

e17z6c3 wrote
at 7:15pm on June 23rd
  Regina we will get em the next round and at least Aiden is still doing worse than us. hahaha

morelia1985 wrote
at 7:54pm on June 21st
  Comandante, see you in the next round!!!!

ELTORO wrote
at 6:58am on June 12th
  Good Luck to All! This is going to be fun! Jose

sarklord wrote
at 10:21pm on May 31st
  Go Ghana Go

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 8:48am on May 31st
  World Cup Pools Open this weekend!!! Our first ever World Cup pickem pool

Deebee wrote
at 6:45pm on May 18th
  Last night!

leenie926 wrote
at 12:12pm on May 15th
  getting down to the nitty gritty!!! 3 left.. Billy has been slacking on voting as well!! Good Luck everyone!

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