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debmc wrote
at 7:03pm on February 26th
  Can't wait for AI to start!!!

Mcl1211 wrote
at 5:11pm on February 26th
  Too tired to write something clever...need booze

Dragana wrote
at 9:15pm on February 25th
  Jelena gde si radila research :)

BuckeyeFlyer17 wrote
at 8:52am on February 14th
  I'm new in here, when is the NCAA survivor pool available?

apolsauc wrote
at 1:33pm on January 5th
  Gooo Cin Bengals

Greg R wrote
at 8:22am on January 5th
  to the creator of this site. i woiuld like to siuggest that you create a playoff page and allow picking like you do the regular season

stealth bombers wrote
at 8:07pm on January 4th
  Can you believe the comeback by Indy? I was almost sweating... Oh ya, it was only the heat down here in Florida!!

mkita wrote
at 8:27pm on December 29th
  SF won 23 - 20 over Arizona but with the 3.5 point spread Arizona won

ErBearSki wrote
at 8:17pm on December 29th
  Why is no one getting points for the SF win?!?!?! This makes a world of difference in the points!!!!!!!!!

stealth bombers wrote
at 8:09pm on December 29th
  what happens with the tie for first... congrats guys!!! I'm happy with 3rd... keep the money in the vault I return in the spring!!!

jamesbond007 wrote
at 8:06am on December 25th
  Why is it that the bowls locked up 2 hours before the first game on the 21st?

show me ya td's wrote
at 6:39pm on December 23rd
  The picks that I made are not what the website is showing. I have a printout of what my picks are from the website. somehow using the printer friendly version changed the picks. Over half of my picks are incorrect, so I will just have to root for the team that shows for me. Hope I win!

helmet earholes wrote
at 11:51am on December 23rd
  I'm not sure...but I think the website picks are correct. The mess up probably occured when we tried to use the printer friendly version and put them into a spreadsheet. I'm going to confirm with "Show me..." So, don't worry about it right now.

helmet earholes wrote
at 11:35am on December 23rd
  John, I've got something like 9 teams for myself and family and I also have the same problem that some of the picks have been recorded incorrectly. This is highly frustrating. We printed them from the website and they are different than what was is being used now. No way anybody got my password.

show me ya td's wrote
at 10:53pm on December 22nd
  Hey John the picks I made are not what the results are showing. I should be 4-0 and it shows 1-3. Whats up?

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