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Bluemnleaf wrote
at 8:32am on September 4th
  Dawgcast Pool, now fixed. Many Thanks. Cheers and good luck to all in their picks.

chitownkid wrote
at 5:25am on September 4th
  can someone send me the address to send a check to Jennifer or Terry? I sent Jennifer an email but it bounced back. My email is thanks, chitownkid

christinesouchamvalis wrote
at 10:29pm on September 3rd
  who's big dawg AND PATRIOTS FAN?? I NEED TO KNOW WHO I'M DEaling with

Bluemnleaf wrote
at 10:06pm on September 3rd
  The pool is the Dawgcast Collage Football.

Bluemnleaf wrote
at 9:56pm on September 3rd
  I still can not make week 2 picks for the collage football. I thought they said site was fixed. Can anyone help with the problem please?

Grovef wrote
at 6:53pm on September 3rd
  QB Denver, rusher browns, Receivers Green Bay, kicker Dallas, Off. Seattle, Deff. Ravens

BulldogBen wrote
at 9:48am on September 3rd
  Any way to change the Military time kickoff times to regular time?

Cashmobb wrote
at 11:55pm on September 2nd
  What up with tie braker?

bosley wrote
at 8:21pm on September 2nd
  Can't wait for kick off

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 11:54am on September 1st
  bclarke, Use the GAME PICKER page under Commissioner menu in your pool. You can add individual games there. OR go to the Season Pass and select ALL SEC and ACC games. Season Pass will add all the games for every week the rest of the season.

gypsy58 wrote
at 12:20am on September 1st
  darling wife messed up password. How can I change It. Dont seem to be able to at log in

bclarke wrote
at 9:50pm on August 31st
  How do I change the number of games the pool can pick.. I want to use all sec and acc games each week. That is 23+_. I can only pick 18 now

scuba steve wrote
at 9:33am on August 31st
  next weeks games will be available Tuesday because of the game on Monday, sorry but the next two weeks have some pretty bad games to pick from

scuba steve wrote
at 9:32am on August 31st
  back on top again, guaranteed it wont last for long.

C Smooth wrote
at 3:47pm on August 30th
  Wonder how many people will rely on third party information to make their picks this year actually winning without copying sports center analysis picks..doubt it

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