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Devo123 wrote
at 8:38am on March 19th
  people still having problem entering multiple times evbene though Multiple Entries is authorized. They tell me that they are being declined since they use the same e-mail address even though they change entry name.

jlongy6 wrote
at 6:15pm on March 17th
  3rd year running tournie pool, $10 per bracket and you can have up to 3. Prize pool will be determined Wednesday night when we for sure know how many brackets there are. If interested or have other questions email me @, thanks!

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 2:25pm on March 17th
  Devo123: The pool has to have MULTIPLE ENTRIES PER EMAIL enabled (Pool commissioner goes to MANAGE POOL-}CHANGE POOL PARAMETERS). Then people simply join the pool multiple times, giving a different Selection name each time.

Devo123 wrote
at 1:03pm on March 17th
  how to you create multiple entries for the March Madness pool ?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 10:54am on March 16th

BWH79 wrote
at 6:29pm on March 15th
  as commissioner can I invite new participants to my March Madness pool? How?

ripping rickys wrecked'em wrote
at 9:00am on March 12th
  You guys r lucky me and the big ragu didn't know about the bonus points last week or we wouldn't be sitting on the goose egg but we're coming for u billy roeder and f--k u Craig go suck a bag of dicks

jduggan wrote
at 6:15pm on March 6th
  Help! I missed the show last night! I guess it will have to be a random pick!

Tessa wrote
at 7:24am on March 6th
  RickDawg it's Tessa not Teresa get it right! Since you are not be cooperative with your work team members I am going to have to kick you out of our alliance, you are now considered in the foe grouping. YOU MESS WITH TESS YOU MESS WITH THE BEST

matt whitaker wrote
at 6:58am on March 3rd
  Congrads to the winner...

matt whitaker wrote
at 6:54am on March 3rd
  Hope all had fun. Much love to all from fl

mmb61 wrote
at 9:17am on March 1st
  My email is would like to join your march madness pool. Send invite

Doukissa wrote
at 2:42pm on February 28th
  Let's get ready to rumble!@!!

ripping rickys wrecked'em wrote
at 10:37am on February 27th
  I hope Morgan never gets eliminated and just runs and jumps around and swims and jumps this is better than bay watch I will actually watch the show until she is eliminated don't worry Barbara billy sucks too

debmc wrote
at 7:03pm on February 26th
  Can't wait for AI to start!!!

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