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Howfa2003 wrote
at 4:55pm on August 27th
  I Must Break You

OLD!niasainlirosa wrote
at 1:15pm on August 27th
  These Sunglasses Are Designed to Make You Happy: Video

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 12:05pm on August 27th
  mckennadrive: we will open up NFL only pools on Monday - waiting for the latest spreads before we open the pool.

mckennadrive wrote
at 7:36am on August 27th
  why is week 1 of nfl closed

bond, james bond wrote
at 2:47pm on August 26th
  Official Protest: There is no football helmet for the mighty Presbyterian College Blue Hose. An immediate investigation is expected. Koala Kool

mckennadrive wrote
at 2:19pm on August 26th
  yes mine ia also showing closed sent e mail

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 1:33pm on August 26th
  Deb55: Join the Spiel pool - its on our home page in the partners section - scroll near the bottom. It just opened up today. Run by, a GREAT podcast about board games.

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 1:27pm on August 26th
  tealhunt, For spread pools, the "home spread" is added to the home team to determine the winner. If you hover over each check box, it will tell you how much that team needs to win by (or lose by) to win a spread game. For example, LSU at TCU has a 5.5 spread, which means TCU gets 5.5 points added to their score before you decide the winner. If LSU wins the game 20-17, it really is like the game ended 20-22.5, giving TCU the win using the spread.

Deb55 wrote
at 12:56am on August 26th
  how do I join a pool for just Football,NFL

2008 champ wrote
at 6:22pm on August 25th
  hey chris i have a couple buddies who would like in

tealhunt wrote
at 6:13pm on August 25th
  i am new to this whole thing. How do you determine who you pick to win? The spread thing confuses me. give me an example of two teams playing each other and the spread and how I should choose. Thanks!

Jay U wrote
at 12:21pm on August 25th
  The watched pot never boils.

GSer wrote
at 8:27pm on August 22nd
  Are we going to have something for the overall winner this year? Would make the competition more interesting.

vicmeimei wrote
at 5:11pm on August 22nd
  I am sooo confused... o_O Mah-Tee san, be prepared to be attacked by my questions!!!!

darius32 wrote
at 8:49am on August 22nd
  Commish, I am in the house, where is my paper? Skins are back

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