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mtrez40 wrote
at 12:52pm on November 16th
  No way you guys can post harvard-yale?

ACoon wrote
at 11:22am on November 4th
  This is the first I've seen of this comment section. I noticed the name change when I logged on this morning. Just assumed you were handing the Foolproof title over to Brett.

gators1 wrote
at 8:44am on November 2nd
  Nice Win for UF over UGA!

smash511 wrote
at 8:58pm on November 1st
  Ugh...... There went my shot of maybe beating Bequisha!!!!!! I can't believe that I forgot to put in my picks :(

merlynbrown wrote
at 9:02pm on October 28th, here. week ten only has one game: FL ST vs Louisville. can someone please send all of week ten games. thanks. merlyn brown

dself wrote
at 2:18pm on October 26th
  well I guess we shouldn't wait until sunday morning to make our picks.

samshu wrote
at 9:21pm on October 25th
  Initially signed into pool and forgot password. Changed password and joined the Football pool but was also forced to change my user name. Now can't sign into the Football pool with my original user name. Keeps signing me in with my new user name. All my previous selections are lost. My original user name still shows up in the list.. How can I sign into the pool using my original user name? Please help

talldude85 wrote
at 6:52pm on October 15th
  Can someone tell me why i cant see my pool to make my picks? Ive been trying for three days. I can see the ones from previous years but not the current one.

Tessa wrote
at 10:20am on October 15th
  Oh plzzz spare me Dawg with your howling innuendos as always your bark is bigger than you bite! Your Bow Wows are more like Meows

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 9:29pm on October 13th
  Little Guy - your pool uses the spread. So with the points, Oakland won.

Little Guy wrote
at 6:19pm on October 13th
  It shows I lost the San Diego game. I chose San Diego and they won. Glitch!

ChampiNY2NJ wrote
at 11:49am on October 9th
  Early thanks for the donation. This week is MINE!

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 9:28am on October 4th
  jmullins - depends on the pool. We have partner pools for football and survivor (on the home page - right side). They are open to anyone. We don't have any Amazing Race public pools.

jmullins wrote
at 9:59pm on October 3rd
  How can I join a pool ?

cletusg wrote
at 4:16pm on October 2nd
  I finally got on my pool using my Apple computer, now i have my picks for week 5!

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