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bsbrian wrote
at 8:44pm on August 12th
  Admin - I am a new commish and have AUTOPICKS marked "ON" When will the auto picked games be selected automatically? And, If I pick games of my own will they override the potential autopicks?

dbaker87 wrote
at 8:23pm on August 12th
  That's right I do cheat

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 3:54pm on August 12th
  reynoltc - we lock them usually Monday right before we open up the pool (around noon).

Tim Reynolds wrote
at 1:47pm on August 12th
  Thanks you kmchugh for your response. When will the college lines lock for week 2 through the rest of the year? Are they locked on Sunday when they are posted?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 10:35am on August 12th
  GHookway - create a new pool, then INVITE PEOPLE from MANAGE POOL menu to invite people from last year.

GHookway wrote
at 9:34pm on August 11th
  What do I do to start/play the same pool that I had last year ?

georgehr333 wrote
at 8:06pm on August 11th
  Thank you.

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 12:08pm on August 11th
  georgehr333, Public Pools are being worked now with many of the same folks who ran them last year. We hope to get them all signed up in the coming days.

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 12:07pm on August 11th
  Reynoltc, College Football lines are LOCKED now. Because we have so many different ways to play using spreads, we lock the spreads before we open pools. This is why we have not opened NFL pools, because those spreads are not going to really be good until the end of pre-season.

Tim Reynolds wrote
at 9:43am on August 11th
  When do the lines lock for college football games? A day before, an hour before? Also, is there a way to change the format of the start time of the game?

georgehr333 wrote
at 3:46pm on August 10th
  I see the list of games and the percentage they are used in all pools. But, I don't see any pools to join anywhere on here. Where are they?

misschick3 wrote
at 7:41pm on August 9th
  I'm Beverly - 'misschick3' have been in a group and enjoy playing on this site, but don't see a pool to join - I would also pay to join a private pool if anyone is accepting members - GO SEAHAWKS

GoLions wrote
at 4:33pm on August 8th
  Get your money together suckers. I guarantee I will at least win three football pools this year. Go Lions!

mmb61 wrote
at 7:00pm on August 6th
  My name is mike my e-mail is and I am interested in joining some pools nfl or college is fine feel free to email an invite been in partners for four years now

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 7:48am on August 6th
  ChuckieTVol - that is an option the commssioner sets (SORT ORDER) when he/she sets up the pool. Some want it to be worth 20, some want it to be worth 1. It's up to the commissioner.

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