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dpadams_1 wrote
at 6:06pm on January 24th
  Will there be a Game of Thrones pool? 0r Can I create one using this site?

BigDEFG wrote
at 2:43pm on January 24th
  When will the Oscar Pool be open?

1lkydad1975 wrote
at 11:49pm on January 12th
  Anyone having issues with standings not updating? wrote
at 6:36am on January 8th
  Im not sure why we didnt get week 18

Pilgrim wrote
at 9:52pm on January 6th
  How do you figure this play off the way things are going the colts could sneak in and win super ball I’m really surprised it’s anyone’s guess I guess

mswillwin wrote
at 1:02am on January 6th
  Hello, anyone else having issues with picking their picks this week? Thanks,

JCI LD Champ wrote
at 9:59am on November 27th
  Any reason why the picks arent showing due yet?

‘Oh Henry! wrote
at 1:00am on November 13th
  1) Win/Loss % of the Players 2) Winning Team in Tiebreaker Game 3) Winning Team Score 4) Losing Team Score 5) Combined Teams Score

Scott McDonald wrote
at 8:44pm on October 14th
  What is the tie breaker?

markallenstaples wrote
at 11:27pm on September 29th
  So, week 5 results are wrong. Texas won and Georgia won. the system shows that they lost.

markallenstaples wrote
at 10:19pm on September 29th
  ONce again, the system is mistaken. It shows that Tennessee beat Georgia.

BigOC3 wrote
at 2:34pm on September 25th

Third Base wrote
at 12:47am on September 21st
  I had people that didnt join on time but i had there pick and I let them join late. How do i adjust picks for weeks 1 and 2? i can add the strikes but then they can still pick teams they picked inthose early weeks.

markallenstaples wrote
at 3:53pm on September 17th
  Didnt South Florida beat Illinois and Missouri beat Purdue? It shows the reverse int our pool. I chose South Florida and Missouri but it shows that I missed those.

mcmurrayjeff wrote
at 2:14pm on September 17th
  Is there an android App? Any plans for it in the future?

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