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Slot Man wrote
at 7:58pm on September 6th
  Thanks for doing this once again Adam….I totally enjoy donating my money every year…. Side note * For the 12 of you who have yet to pay for this league, get it done! I plan on collecting money. Lots of money this year…so, those of you who linger thinking you will be able to delay payment because you believe you will win in the first couple weeks, its not happening….Its MINE! So skip 2 nights this week (that still leaves you 5) of drinking and pay your bill! GoJETS!

LagwagonDawg78 wrote
at 7:11pm on September 4th
  Is the the WSLS picked the same as the Fabris Pool that is Linked from the Get The Picture blog?

at 12:31pm on September 4th
  Dear Mr. Harbaugh, Thank you for letting Notre Dame make Michigan our Bitchagain! Good luck making the Big 10 Championship and BCS this year! Sincerely, Mr. Lea

STL87 wrote
at 10:08pm on August 31st
  Im a rookie at this and I cant figure out how to s*lect the games right now. Everything Ive tried so far has not let me s*lect my picks, could anyone tell me how?

LagwagonDawg78 wrote
at 9:39am on August 29th
  Fabric that is...

LagwagonDawg78 wrote
at 9:38am on August 29th
  Where is the fabric pool?

Bluemnleaf wrote
at 7:38am on August 29th
  Hi all, its that glories time of year. NFL starting Sept. 6th. Wondering when the pools for NFL pick em and Survivor football will be up. Already in for SportsCrack college. Will wait for an invite hopefully. Thanks and have a great Football season. Cheers!

sparty77 wrote
at 4:06pm on August 25th
  please send address of where to send check and amount thank you

Noflyzone wrote
at 1:52pm on August 25th
  Is there an Android app?

champs2010 wrote
at 2:03pm on August 24th
  Does anyone know how to find the app?

zillagod wrote
at 4:47pm on August 22nd
  Looking for the 2018 pool. Sure hope it will be.

jackpa wrote
at 9:44pm on August 9th
  I have been using FOP for a number of years now. This year I will begin my own personal protest and have nothing to do with any nfl game.

Wolfpup003 wrote
at 11:46am on August 9th
  Im excited for the angst of the season to begin!

Death From Above wrote
at 11:59am on August 8th
  Im going to win the 2018 Pick em pool.

1lkydad1975 wrote
at 4:48pm on August 5th
  I made nfl pool, why does picks show already entered?

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