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Frankie wrote
at 1:42pm on August 5th
  As a commissioner, I was attempting to enter a name in the click to add name box under players in the info category, but no name appeared after clicking upd*te information. Can you help?

Frankie wrote
at 3:18pm on July 5th
  I was trying to access my iPhone app which asked for my user id and password and didnt accept it, but was able to access this website from both my phone and mac. I then tried to check my profile to see if I was entering the correct password and there was no info available except to change password. Can you help?

1lkydad_6 wrote
at 3:27pm on March 13th
  I know its been mentioned before but will there be ncaam pools?

Frankie wrote
at 6:03pm on February 27th
  Is there going to be any march madness pools?

jaime martinez garcia wrote
at 11:35pm on January 8th
  Cual es el juego del juves y cuanto vale?

C_hawkfan wrote
at 9:57am on January 4th
  When will the championship game between Alabama and Georgia be posted?

Dem Boys wrote
at 12:01pm on January 1st
  Happy New Years Everyone looking forward to next season.

Frankie wrote
at 1:27am on December 24th
  As a commissioner of a pool, I noticed that a pick by a player was incorrectly entered. I went to the standings and tried to make the adjustment, but is not reflected in the standings. What amI doing wrong?

JCI LD Champ wrote
at 9:45am on December 15th
  I kind a wish I didn't put the championship game in the bowl Pickem now because who knows what the spread is going to be, can I delete that game without having issues? It's also the tiebreaker game and I wish I would've done another game as well.

mholt37 wrote
at 4:08pm on December 11th
  To change selection name -} TOOLS on the pool page - then CHANGE SELECTION NAME

1lkydad_6 wrote
at 10:40am on December 11th
  As said below all the names in pools are coming up with a bunch of jumbled letters.

1lkydad_6 wrote
at 10:36am on December 11th
  Any way to set up a pool for ncaam tourney bracket?

Amaizin Blue wrote
at 10:32am on December 11th
  In our elimination pool, it has a player eliminated after picking the Colts to lose to Buffalo in Week 14, which is what happened. Is there a way to correct this as commissioner?

JCI LD Champ wrote
at 9:38am on December 11th
  Any reason why everyone's name in my group this morning is uekywpfd?

cliffordbarnabus wrote
at 12:29pm on December 5th
  as a commissioner, how can i add the bowl pickem pool to combine with my current nfl/ncaa pool so that it's one big additive pool? thanks!

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