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Open Wall Comments
at 11:01pm on August 27th
  How do I continue my pool from last year. Do I have to start a new pool with a new name

Frankie wrote
at 11:50am on August 26th
  I'm trying to change the tiebreaker order and it states that I must delete 25 picks that are in. I clicked the change restricted parameters box and next delete picks box, but still can't change order. Can you help?

mmb61 wrote
at 11:33pm on August 24th
  Waiting for the Speil pooland#9786;

foskey wrote
at 11:17pm on August 24th
  Anyone use the app and know how to work it?

Bronceaux wrote
at 7:39am on August 24th
  Did something change this year? Even though it's early on, when I look at whose picks are "due" vs "in", it's showing "in" for most players even though the games haven't actually been picked, only the home team default selection for each game shows.

Caboose wrote
at 5:37pm on August 23rd
  Commish- Do you want to invite some of our newer neighbors to join? Dan

Wolfpup003 wrote
at 7:27pm on August 18th
  Creating a college ball pool. Email me at if interested in joining. We have 6-8 people committed to joining this season.

LSUzilla wrote
at 11:03am on August 12th
  Looking to join a pool, the one I used to play every year closed. Email me at

Jay Unger wrote
at 11:12am on August 6th
  Will games be available to pick earlier for week 1 than the usual Tuesday before timeframe?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 4:54pm on July 28th
  @1lkydad - send an email using the contact us (bottom of page) with details of who the players are (emails).

1lkydad_6 wrote
at 12:12am on July 28th
  Well they did respond and both of the emails said they cant join again but they are not showing up on my players list

1lkydad_6 wrote
at 11:35pm on July 27th
  1lkydad_6 - (1) because your pool has defaults selected. (2) Invites don't add them to your pool. They get an invitation and they need to respond to it to join the pool.

1lkydad_6 wrote
at 9:02pm on July 27th
  How long does it take after an envite for them to be added to pool?

1lkydad_6 wrote
at 1:05pm on July 27th
  Why is all my picks for nfl done already? I didnt even want to make picks yet

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 1:02pm on July 27th
  @Trez - Sorry, but probably not.

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