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ToJo wrote
at 9:37am on February 19th
  March Madness 2017??

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 10:25am on February 2nd
  Sorry - we no longer do Oscars.

Francheesh wrote
at 9:59pm on February 1st
  Oscars 2017???

cliffordbarnabus wrote
at 10:27pm on January 26th
  will you do oscars for 2017?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 2:43pm on January 7th
  mindigo - your pool is regular season only - sent you an email - you need to go to CHANGE POOL PARAMETERS and add post season play.

mindigo wrote
at 1:13pm on January 6th
  None of my pool members are able to select game winners. When we click it says we are selecting aomeonw,but the team helmet selection doesn't show or a check mark.

JCI LD Champ wrote
at 7:21pm on December 26th
  When I go to the what if analysis and click the team I think might win, it doesn't calculate for everyone. It seems to work for only a couple entries.

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 7:15pm on December 26th
  Tyco IS LD: I logged in as you and it seems to be working. What issue are you seeing. If you'd prefer, use the CONTACT US and send us an email and we'll reply back directly to you.

JCI LD Champ wrote
at 3:21pm on December 26th
  Any idea why the WHAT IF scenario is not working correctly?

Pitviper0404 wrote
at 7:15pm on December 20th
  10-4, thanks!!

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 5:26pm on December 20th
  PitViper - if a spread becomes available, we will update the game. However, if we don't get one by kickoff, we'll go with a pick 'em (straight up).

Pitviper0404 wrote
at 1:46pm on December 20th
  Are we going to have a spread for the hawaii/Middle TennST game or will that one be straight up?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 12:12am on December 20th
  Campus Bookie - they are revealed after your deadline has passed. So if you use GAME START, it is after the last game starts.

The Campus Bookie wrote
at 10:45pm on December 19th
  Anybody know how to view each players tiebreaker points?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 5:38pm on December 19th
  Pitviper - shortly after the week 16 last game ends. For college - that's the Central Mich/Tulsa game. For combo pools, that's the Carolina/Washington game.

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