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magicode (Admin) wrote
at 11:23am on August 27th
  fstout: We had a bug in our new invitations code that was fixed Monday night that caused some emails to not go out. Most were still going out. The bug is fixed.

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 11:21am on August 27th
  kaboom: You can delete pools - click on the pool link from the home page (left side of page), or go to MANAGE POOLS from COMMISSIONERS menu. There's an option to delete that pool.

fstout wrote
at 12:51pm on August 26th
  Yes I too have sent several invitations and the recipients have not received them. Is this a common problem to this website?

IndyColtsfan wrote
at 2:08am on August 26th
  If I set a deadline of noon on Sunday for nfl, can we still pick our thursday game?

kaboom! wrote
at 8:44pm on August 25th
  no ime for two pools

kaboom! wrote
at 8:42pm on August 25th
  want to delete the foortball cclub

kaboom! wrote
at 8:31pm on August 25th
  i am trying to sign up for yhr college picken rating 10 to one but itkeeps on nshowing this noter college/nflpoool wwhich i would like to be deketed from

kaboom! wrote
at 7:28pm on August 25th
  i opened up 2 separatepools n i only want to be in the college foootball pick em please help

jveale wrote
at 11:59am on August 25th
  $10? I cannot take that much money from you all each week. What happened to the $5 weekly buy in?

GloBug22 wrote
at 11:14am on August 25th
  Is anyone else having trouble with people stating they haven't received your invitation to the pool..... I have sent mine several times to several people and they all say they haven't received it

jorgebenitez93 wrote
at 2:53pm on August 24th
  How do you reactivate a previous pool

MarkShep wrote
at 2:23pm on August 24th
  Any open college pools available for fun?

HopeIdontSuckThisSeason wrote
at 8:38am on August 24th
  I have a question. In the event of a tie (using the spread), how does that score. I know playing vegas or a bookie, all ties go the the house. What about in this case where there is no house. Does everyone get a point on a tie?

chad21877 wrote
at 2:00am on August 20th
  how can i increase the # of games a week from 10 to 15

gators1 wrote
at 2:20pm on August 19th
  Hanks Picks (College Pool) Jags05 (NFL Pool)

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