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magicode (Admin) wrote
at 12:07am on October 26th
  vinjim: Give your picks to your commissioner - they can enter picks through the STANDINGS page.

vinjim wrote
at 7:08pm on October 25th
  will be out of town. how do I submit for weeks 9 and 10?

(BB) Poop22 wrote
at 9:38am on October 23rd
  Hey roro jenn is in jail and i didnt really get to make my picks so give me 45 probably wont matter cause i aint gonna win anyway

Awmonk wrote
at 10:05am on October 22nd
  Aggs, Ole Miss, Wisconsin

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 9:27am on October 21st
  Macon Dawg - for faster response - use CONTACT US at bottom of the page.

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 9:26am on October 21st
  Macon Dawg: The commissioner can change the deadline via the CHANGE POOL PARAMETERS page - change the deadline to DEFAULT or GAME START.

Macon Dawg wrote
at 9:03am on October 21st
  Is there anyway to unlock our picks and re enter picks in college football pool? I did not mean to pick a Thursday night game and some people did not get there picks in this weekend. I know I can change the score after the weekend is over but I was hoping these people could put there picks in today for tonight's games

StubbysLocks wrote
at 9:06am on October 17th

dango 1 wrote
at 9:25pm on October 13th
  Where is my 10 point game. Don't see it

FROGGY (~);} wrote
at 7:06am on October 9th
  Ive been telling them for years I can go all the way to the bottom and back to the top before week 12. trouble is I cant go as low as the low so I might as well start climb ing

Lb89 wrote
at 11:23pm on October 6th
  Hey guys, Just wanna thank everyone for allowing me to participate in your fine football pool. Frankly, I would have joined years ago had I knew it was this easy to take first! ;)

StubbysLocks wrote
at 6:10am on October 4th
  Here comes Stubby's

David2015 wrote
at 7:57pm on September 25th

Zomb13wolf wrote
at 3:19am on September 20th
  Man.. I got lucky. Go Eagles.

at 1:15pm on September 15th
  Thank you Jim you're the BOMB!

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