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JCI LD Champ wrote
at 8:37pm on August 3rd
  I had a league set up last year. Is there anyway to just keep that league and renew everyone back in the league or do I need to set up a new league and send out new invites?

Bernie707 wrote
at 7:39pm on August 1st
  Do you have a sample college football pool I can view to see how it's formatted? When will your college football pool be available, today is Aug. 1st?

meinzer11 wrote
at 7:01pm on August 1st
  I am looking for a new host of my pools, guess you are not up and running ...... I can not create a pool

Frankie wrote
at 1:29pm on August 1st
  I ran an NFL pool last year and would like to again this year. What do I need to do to restart and invite players? Do I continue to use last year's pool name and when does it open to join?

Tim Reynolds wrote
at 9:31am on August 1st
  Can we expect an Android app to be released this year to go along with the Iphone App?

IndyColtsfan wrote
at 12:34pm on July 18th
  Ok looking forward to it.

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 2:23pm on July 17th
  coltsfan1985: we'll have our football pools open in very early August - possibly late July.

IndyColtsfan wrote
at 2:19pm on July 15th
  I did an NFL pool last year, how do I restart it for this year?

Rambo3157 wrote
at 8:33pm on June 14th
  Big Brother 18 Poll ?

Echagaray wrote
at 12:38pm on June 8th
  Want to start an Euro 2016 soccer pool. How do I start?

TheZo74 wrote
at 12:49pm on May 14th
  Want to start a 2016 Euro soccer pool. How do I start?

salsajose wrote
at 5:40pm on March 14th
  Still no Dancing With the Stars pool?

bettybuckeye wrote
at 2:08pm on March 4th
  You gotta love Alecia showing Cydney where the idol was.. yet she thinks everyone else is dumb.

Melnyk wrote
at 12:50pm on March 3rd
  What about a Big Brother Canada Pool.

meast wrote
at 9:46pm on February 22nd
  No Oscar pool??? You guys are killing me! No!! Now I gotta tabulate everyone's scores by hand? :P If anyone has any suggestions for another online Oscar pool, I'm all ears! :)

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