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FootballLovers wrote
at 12:23am on September 11th
  For tiebreaker game, does it matter which way you put in the score between the two teams, as long as it adds up to what you think final score will be

FootballLovers wrote
at 12:16am on September 11th
  This is my 1st time running a pool on here. Wondering once pools close, will the signed up players that DID NOT get their picks in, will they still be included in the weekly pool count? And be showing them as having all wrong picks?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 9:38pm on September 10th
  kickheardroundtheworld - yes to your first question - through the STANDINGS page. No to your second question - Each pool gets one common default - we don't allow each member to pick their own default method.

kickheardroundtheworld wrote
at 9:16pm on September 10th
  Is it possible for commissioner to modify picks when members don't make a pick. In years past, through other sites, each member has been able to choose their own default rather than the entire league going by 1 common default. Is this possible thru FunOfficePools?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 10:58am on September 10th
  This is from Jim of FunOfficePools: Join The Spiel's NFL pool - they are offering a great game to the pool winner. You can join it in our partner's section on our home page. Also, if you like board games, listen to The Spiel's podcast - best podcast on board games! I've been listening to Stephen and Dave for years.

Go4Dough wrote
at 1:36am on September 10th
  Any good NFL "Buy In" Pools out there that's still taking sign-ups? If so, please fire off an invite or an e=mail, so I can take a look, thanks!

Life is good wrote
at 11:20pm on September 9th
  I thought I adjusted will check again

The Burning Sensation wrote
at 7:55pm on September 9th
  whose gonna help Flake turn on his computer?

spanky71 wrote
at 6:42pm on September 9th
  Jennifer and Michael's picks are in and ready to get this football season underway and CLEAN HOUSE!!!

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 10:15pm on September 8th
  justlucky, NFL pools have been open for about a week. You should be able to make picks now.

justlucky wrote
at 9:22pm on September 8th
  When do the NFL open so that picks can be made?

Dixon Cider wrote
at 2:29pm on September 7th
  Thank you very much... One last question.. on my pool, it says picks are due in "closed" is that a setting I've got wrong or can we not make college picks yet?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 11:17am on September 7th
  Craig Williams - once pools open up, the spreads are locked.

Dixon Cider wrote
at 10:34am on September 7th
  When these spreads come out on Monday, do they lock? Or do they change until game time?

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 12:46pm on September 6th
  gators1, we are adjusting our CANCEL GAME to send emails to pool commissioners, so it may be another 20 minutes or so before the games are removed. Weighted pools will be automatically adjusted, other pools will simply have the game deleted.

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