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ShoelessSean wrote
at 7:48pm on August 10th
  @Pitviper0404 In seasons past, the spread is locked in at the beginning of the week. This allows for picks to be made early with the knowledge that a game day odds decision will not be detrimental to those who play for fun and do not check those things.

HopeIdontSuckThisSeason wrote
at 2:43pm on August 10th
  Spread question..... This is my first time doing a pool on this site. Traditionally, the spread will change throughout the week on most sites. Once the games are picked for my pool, will the spread be locked in or will it change throughout the week?

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 8:41am on August 7th
  UPDATE ON FOOTBALL POOLS: We are shooting to open up this weekend, shooting for Saturday. We are doing some last minute testing on our iPhone app, which will go to Apple in a few days. We are hoping to get that in the App Store by the first week of college football, but we may miss that depending on how long Apple takes to certify.

GMoney wrote
at 10:05pm on August 6th
  ETA update on NFL pools?

Trez wrote
at 2:16pm on August 6th
  Do you have a release date for your college football pickem pools?

KingRichard wrote
at 9:15am on August 3rd
  NFL starting in a few days... still no NFL pool?

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 4:08pm on August 2nd
  Suitpunk, we can support pickset pools, but do not support over-under picking. However, spread use is a parameter you can set on your football pools.

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 4:07pm on August 2nd
  MadMax, our pools are brand new each season, so just have the person you want to be admin this year create the pool when we open the site up later in the week.

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 4:06pm on August 2nd
  Singh, we will be opening up pools later this week. We are adding some new features and want to test out a few more days. Please come back later in the week.

Singh wrote
at 12:52pm on August 2nd
  I m trying to create a pool. Can you update the site ASAP.

MadMax wrote
at 12:27pm on August 2nd
  I want to change administrator for existing pool. how do I do that without creating new pool. ant help would be appreciated. thks

Suitpunk wrote
at 12:26pm on August 2nd
  Would like to get pool going to know if my parameters can be met. Pick 3 with spreads or over unders? Possible?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 10:41am on June 29th
  mckennadrive: We will have them up in August.

mckennadrive wrote
at 1:38pm on June 28th
  How do I create a NFL pool

Peg Goranson wrote
at 1:50pm on May 13th
  Why does the pool still show 3 American Idol contestants? There are only 2 left.

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