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Pitviper0404 wrote
at 2:24pm on September 24th
  @ Greg Miller... I was using my email. There was a glitch concerning upper case/lower case letters, but it was fixed. I am in now, thanks!!

Greg Miller wrote
at 11:12am on September 23rd
  Pitviper0404 You have to use your email not username.

Bob T. wrote
at 8:37pm on September 22nd
  I set 20 games in the pool, and now all of a sudden there are 23 games. Some players have already made picks and it won't let me remove 3 games.

Pitviper0404 wrote
at 7:31am on September 22nd
  Received message that app was in the app store. I downloaded and can not log in. Claims incorrect username/password. Is this a known problem?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 6:26pm on September 15th
  Tyco IS LD Champ - in Apple review process.

JCI LD Champ wrote
at 2:09pm on September 15th
  what is the latest on the iphone app?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 6:40am on September 15th
  GatorSarge - NFL/Combo pools are not opened until Tuesday morning. The final MNF games need to be played.

Bob T. wrote
at 8:53pm on September 14th
  My pool is NFL and NCAA. Why can't we make picks?

gators1 wrote
at 5:12pm on September 14th
  They have not posted the spreads yet for college. When they do. You can pick your winning teams!

tlogback wrote
at 4:38pm on September 14th
  In the NCAA Football pool, I've selected the Week 3 games for my pool, but no one can make their picks yet. What's going on?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 2:18pm on September 14th
  Pitviper0404: Ole Miss is the nickname for the University of Mississippi.

Pitviper0404 wrote
at 1:35pm on September 14th
  Alabama is playing ole miss in week 3, but it is listed as Mississippi..... FYI

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 11:43pm on September 13th
  shotgunner1964 - this has to do with how we calculate losses and timing. We score a game, but there's about a two minute delay before points are awarded. If you refreshed the standings during that 2 minute period, it would show the losses off by 1, but it corrects itself as soon as the awarded points job runs. I checked your WHO PICKED WHO page and everything looks right.

shotgunner1964 wrote
at 8:28pm on September 13th
  Today we had errors posted to the pool - took screen shots. Anyone else have this. 2 people had missed 3 and then dropped to missing 2 after 2 more games. Haven't seen that before ?? What happened?

thirtyplus wrote
at 10:59am on September 13th
  Final score MIN 28 SF 20

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