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Vikings1234 wrote
at 12:09pm on October 28th
  Lets go Pit!!! For my first win this year!!!!!

rlybrd1 wrote
at 1:23pm on October 23rd
  where do I go to change my password??

BMac207 wrote
at 9:16pm on September 29th
  The Broncos are a real bummah.

Capers7 wrote
at 6:41pm on September 25th
  Did not want to set up default picks but someone is away without access and wants me as administrator to enter picks can I?

DPD wrote
at 9:18am on September 10th
  And the first week goes to a tie breaker for the MN house hold! Of course, Connor picks the exact tie breaker number.......... Not slowing her roll that much.

GatorJoe wrote
at 3:02am on September 7th
  Praise to the Maker, the season of the prolate spheroid is back!

egollierclif_SPAMMER wrote
at 6:42pm on September 4th

VTFrosty wrote
at 7:34pm on August 31st
  ...and the first miracle cover of the NCAA season goes to Stanford!

Gator G. wrote
at 4:56pm on August 31st
  FSU LOL... FREE SHOES UNIVERSITY sure choked today. Boise kicked some Seminole butt! U know whats really sad? FSU played as good as they possibly could and still lost ha ha ha... Blackman played his best game ever and FSU still sucks... Vote Taggart, mayor of Tallahasse ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

original gangster - OG wrote
at 1:36am on August 29th
  It is 1:35 AM in Michigan and I got my picks in. LEAVE ME ALONE NOW, MOSES - original gangster

BamaJoe wrote
at 9:02pm on August 28th
  Will the Conference Championship games be available to include in my pool for Week 15?

Bluemnleaf wrote
at 1:02pm on August 28th
  Hello, Is THE SPIEL 2019 NFL POOl going to be up soon, 0r could I please get an invite, played for years here. Also the WSLS Podcast Pick em challenge. Hope to hear soon. Thanks and Footballs backII

cindymm wrote
at 12:30pm on August 25th
  Hey guys football almost here I need a head count whose in Murphy

Bluemnleaf wrote
at 11:34am on August 20th
  Is the speil pool going to be up soon? Please let me know 0r send an invite please. Thank You.

cking1224 wrote
at 2:52pm on August 12th
  If I make a pick now for my league and the spread changes does funofficepools still allow you to change your pick even if you already picked? Do spreads change automatically? Are you locked in to the spread you picked at the time you picked it?

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