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bradys lady wrote
at 2:50pm on September 19th
  Bluemnleaf ~ We have a survivor pool if you want to join

CODY wrote
at 12:15am on September 19th
  UL Monroe won the game against Jackson St 12 to 7 it marked my pick wrong and I picked UL Monroe

dback58 wrote
at 2:20pm on September 18th

Bluemnleaf wrote
at 8:37am on September 17th
  Hello, How can I join the Survivor pool? Would someone send me an invitation. Thanks. Should be a great Survivor this year, cant wait. Cheers!

egollierclif_SPAMMER wrote
at 9:40pm on September 15th
  Glashutte Ure

egollierclif_SPAMMER wrote
at 9:26pm on September 15th
  Aero Bang Hublot - Voir large sélection de Hublot Aero Bang Montres

Go Huskers wrote
at 3:45pm on September 8th
  I feel I let Cornhusker Nation down last week since I forgot to pick all my teams and had zero points. I will do better this week to represent! Go Huskers!

Bluemnleaf wrote
at 9:00am on September 7th
  Please send an invite for the NFL Pool, can not seem to Join. Would really appreciate it. Plus an invite for NFL Survivor if possible. Season starts this Thursday, and still not able to Join as I have in previous seasons. Again Thanks for any response to my request. Cheers!

Klint wrote
at 6:48pm on August 29th
  How do we pay the $5 per week?

Wolfpup003 wrote
at 1:19pm on August 28th
  We are up to 26 players! Anyone is able to join! Come join in our football season! Invite your friends!

crawford3034 wrote
at 6:38pm on August 24th
  Is there a 2021 pool?

crawford3034 wrote
at 6:36pm on August 24th
  Will there be a 2021 pool?

Bluemnleaf wrote
at 9:16am on August 24th
  Hello, Want to join the NFL pool but can not seem to join. Been playing here for years. Would appreciate an invite. I did receive my college football invite, Thank You.

egollierclif_SPAMMER wrote
at 11:48am on August 19th

Bluemnleaf wrote
at 10:57am on August 19th
  Please send me an Invite for NFL and College Football for this season 2021-2022. Thank You.

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