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magicode (Admin) wrote
at 4:25pm on December 18th
  Hunker: We do not have any partner pools for Bowls this year. You'll either need to create your own pool or find a commissioner who has a pool open to the public.

Hunker#1 wrote
at 12:24pm on December 18th
  WTF is the name of the bowl game pick'em general population. I've pissed away an hour trying to join.

Pitviper0404 wrote
at 10:22am on December 18th
  10-4, Thanks!!

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 9:30am on December 18th
  Pitviper0404: Depends on your type of pool. For the college only pools, they will open up shortly after the Monday game ends (around 6pm or so on week 17 and late evening on week 18). For combo (NFL/College) and NFL only pools, probably Tuesday morning - possibly very late Monday night after Monday night football.

Pitviper0404 wrote
at 7:33am on December 18th
  When will we be able to pick week 17 and 18?

JCI LD Champ wrote
at 2:24pm on December 15th
  Any reason why week 16 picks aren't open yet?

Reel Time wrote
at 9:30am on December 14th

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 12:18am on December 11th
  boomer9011 - Go to GAME PICKER - DELETE all picks (takes 3 clicks) - then delete the games you don't want. Also, use CONTACT US for faster response on questions.

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 12:17am on December 11th
  dudusm - Celebration pool is only available in the College Bowl Pickem pool.

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 12:16am on December 11th
  Your Fearless Leader: Set up a College Bowl Pickem pool, not the NFL/NCAA pool. Also, use CONTACT US for faster answers.

Your Fearless Leader wrote
at 7:35am on December 10th
  How do I set up the Bowl Pick Em so that all the games appear at once? Right now only the games that appear in "week 16" are available to be picked.

dudusm wrote
at 11:58pm on December 8th
  Site wont let me add Celebration bowl. I have the others but not me add it

boomer9011 wrote
at 9:51pm on December 8th
  how can I delete games from the bowl contest or can I? ...only want 25 games not 41 .. how do you do this?

rtd1111 wrote
at 4:32pm on December 7th
  Is there a way to delete all the picks from wk14 for a whole league and just go on to the next week?

dnawrot wrote
at 1:58pm on December 6th
  All of my picks disappeared for the week as well, with the exception of the Green Bay win. I've lost all of the east games and just repicked the west ones, not that it matters at this point. Way to throw the season.

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