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Brian Marbury wrote
at 9:12pm on September 9th
  BJ won week 1. Who wins week 2?

Victorious Commish wrote
at 4:08pm on September 8th
  Prissydag SUNDAY! :)

scuz86 wrote
at 10:54pm on September 7th
  If you want to watch a real team play, tune into the Vikings!

bernie11459 wrote
at 4:41pm on September 7th
  QB Indy RB LA K NO OFF NO DEF Carolina

DandyLion wrote
at 9:00am on September 7th
  Hmmm, doesn't say much for the 4th place White Sux. Bears might win 5 games this year.

Pitviper0404 wrote
at 10:57am on September 6th
  Got it figured out, found the override button.....

Pitviper0404 wrote
at 10:28am on September 6th
  I started posting NCAA games for week 2 and it froze on the 4th game I picked. When I go to Game Picker, It doesn't give me the option to select any more games and it says that 1 person has picked their games, but when I go to manage pool, it shows that no one has made their picks yet? What can I do to fix this?

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 8:44am on September 3rd
  BonyKingOfNowhere: You're welcome. Contact your commissioner - they have the ability to change the deadline and reopen your pool if they want to.

BonyKingOfNowhere wrote
at 8:38am on September 3rd
  Oh that's right, that game is being played overseas. Thanks Magicode.

magicode (Admin) wrote
at 8:36am on September 3rd
  BonyKingOfNowhere - Your commissioner set your pool to be locked on the first game and your pool has the Ga Tech/Boston College game which started at 7:30 am this morning. Contact your commissioner - they can change things.

BonyKingOfNowhere wrote
at 8:20am on September 3rd
  Why is the pool already locked 4 hours before any game kicks off????

Irish Beat Wolverines wrote
at 8:36pm on September 1st
  Thank you all for the donations and may the best teams win!!! GO Irish!!! Peter Irish

corsonrl wrote
at 1:25pm on August 31st
  Time is getting close. Let me know who is planning on playing this season?

tcayea wrote
at 8:04am on August 31st
  I see that this is gone by the wayside, is anyone interested in joining this if I get another one going?

TommyG wrote
at 9:53pm on August 30th
  Are we going to get the official rules for tie breakers ?

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