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burntorangefan wrote
at 3:48pm on December 5th
  You need to change the parameters so we can re do picks

Coach JT wrote
at 12:33pm on December 5th
  What is wrong with the site? All of our league picks are gone for week 14 and when it shows my picks is says all of our picks are due? Come on it's the last week.

darby72 wrote
at 6:57pm on December 2nd
  I want my Fishback points!!!!

darby72 wrote
at 7:24pm on November 28th
  Need to add the Fishback points

Dixon Cider wrote
at 7:00am on November 28th
  How can I email Jim?

JCI LD Champ wrote
at 1:00pm on November 26th
  How will the bowl games work this year? I do the combo NFL/College pickem game. I'm set up to go through Week 18 but I didn't want to combine the NFL with the bowl picks. Let me know! Thanks!

Dixon Cider wrote
at 6:51pm on November 22nd
  how can I manually change the standings in my league? Or who do I have to contact to do so for me.

No Fucking Luck wrote
at 1:34pm on November 22nd
  Robin couldn't get her picks in, I was a witness, she texted me her picks prior to 1:00, I will adjust her points tomorrow.

kirchbabe wrote
at 11:00pm on November 19th
  Next week is a double show for episodes 10 and 11. We can choose picks for episode 10. How do we choose picks for episode 11? Anyone know about this?

Joeboy90 wrote
at 11:53pm on November 18th
  How do I delete my account

tarynTOT wrote
at 8:57pm on November 5th
  though i am last i will still win this and my picks this week r gonna prove it so watch out and if u all think i am gonna lose this u r all wrong and i will come back and kick butt!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pack is Back wrote
at 10:03am on November 4th
  Hi, can you post the tie breaking rules for the football pick em pool? Thanks.

JCI LD Champ wrote
at 4:53pm on November 3rd
  Ok. I just couldn't make any picks until around noon today. Typically I can make my picks Tuesday morning but it's working now. Thanks!

kmchugh (Admin) wrote
at 1:59pm on November 3rd
  Tyco IS LD, we open NCAA pools up on Monday, and NFL pools around noon on Tuesday. The reason is the spreads are not always known and many of our pools have some sort of basis in the spread. Also, most college pools and mixed NFL-NCAA pools need some time to select games for their members.

JCI LD Champ wrote
at 8:53am on November 3rd
  Any reason why we can't make our picks yet for this week?

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