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Thomas The Dank Engine wrote
at 8:30am on March 7th
  How do you join a pool?

egollierclif_SPAMMER wrote
at 6:43am on March 3rd
  accident. Keeping relaxed features not locking your current knees.Consider your knees like they really are shock absorbers, going in excess of bumps together with divots will probably hurt them all, so make sure you keep these individuals slightly damaged and casual. Now that you will be on a new fitting enter, positioned and also relaxed, ride that board along with your front ft .strapped during and make sure to go along the hill before looking to go along it.An individual will be comfortable, strap inside the other foot 0r so. Utilize your leading, (not back) shoe to steer when you start taking place the hl.While demanding your hindfoot down, elevate up ones own toe.Shift your body backward, and you also are baseball! To discontinue, simply flip yourself so that you will are facing up the hill.This will certainly slow you will down and you m accident.{br /} {br /} Keeping relaxed features not locking your current knees.Consider your knees like they really are shock absorbers, going i

billcook wrote
at 10:14pm on February 26th
  Points didn’t apply for one of the bonus questions

Bluemnleaf wrote
at 2:11pm on February 11th
  Hi, would anyone know how I could join the Survivor Pool?

Brain grENade wrote
at 1:09pm on February 6th
  Is anybody else having trouble with the XFL pool? I cant see the teams 0r my picks. This is also the first time Ive used this site. So I dont know if theres something Im doing wrong though. So theres that.

LamereMichael wrote
at 10:21am on January 16th
  I run weekly football squares at work and I was wondering if the Superbowl squares could also be available for the regular season?

1lkydad1975 wrote
at 11:19pm on December 23rd
  To change point multiplier, should that be changed at the end of week 17?

Slayer wrote
at 8:36pm on December 18th
  The money is due by Friday

Bob Lamberson wrote
at 11:28am on December 17th
  Get to the screen to upd*te picks but no window to allow me to make my choices.

Rays2019 wrote
at 5:48pm on November 15th
  good luck

1lkydad1975 wrote
at 10:51pm on November 3rd
  When is Houston Jacksonville game going to be upd*ted?

JCI LD Champ wrote
at 8:26pm on November 3rd
  Any reason why the Houston Jacksonville game hasn’t calculated yet?

Vikings1234 wrote
at 12:09pm on October 28th
  Lets go Pit!!! For my first win this year!!!!!

rlybrd1 wrote
at 1:23pm on October 23rd
  where do I go to change my password??

BMac207 wrote
at 9:16pm on September 29th
  The Broncos are a real bummah.

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