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Fun Office Pools is THE place to run all of your office pools. It's easy, fun, and best of all, completely FREE! At Fun Office Pools, you get:

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College Bowl Pick'em Game

The 2023 Bowl Pick'em game is now open.
Many spreads are not available yet. We will continue to update spreads this week and spreads will lock on December 11th!

Note: This pool has 42 bowl games played as a single "week" (as if they all took place in one week). By default, all of the bowl games are added to your pool. If you want to have each week of the bowls played separately (like regular season), use the Football pool below.

You can also IMPORT players from regular season pools (including their points) if you want.

CBS Survivor Season 45

Start your own CBS Survivor office game - Season 45 starts Sept 27th on CBS!

The Amazing Race Season 35

Wednesdays on CBS. The Amazing Race is back after a long break. Get your pools setup up now.


NFL and/or NCAA Pool - It is Football Season!!!

Our most popular pool is back! Create your College football, your NFL football, or your combination (both NCAA and NFL) pool here. Use this pool for all NFL and/or NCAA pools, except for the NFL Survivor Pool. We start college on August 31st and NFL on Sept 8th. Spreads lock on Aug 28th for college and Sept 4th for NFL.

NFL Pool

NFL Survivor

NFL Survivor pool. Each week, pick a winner. If you're wrong, you're out. Last person standing is the winner. Our pool has many options (pick losers instead of winners, multiple strikes instead of one, bye weeks, etc.). NFL starts Sept 8th.

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CBS Survivor
NFL Regular Season
NFL Post Season
NFL Survivor
NCAA Football
NCAA Football Bowls
The Superbowl

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