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NFL Pool


The Superbowl is February 1st, but you can begin setting up your squares pool now. The teams are just placeholders right now until the Division Championships are decided. We will NOT clear picks once the teams are known, so you can make your square selections now. You can have both remote players with their own accounts, or local players that can be created locally. As usual, we'll take care of randomizing the page, updating pools with scores and marking winners.

American Idol Top 14 Pool

American Idol Office Pool Season 14

Our American Idol Season 14 pool's first deadline will be in February, when the top 14 have their first elimination night. The top 14 will be announced in February. We have placeholders for the contestants now - we will wipe out any picks made before the announcement and put in the right names as soon as we know them.

Click INFO to see rules and more information about the Idol Top 14 Game

Oscar Pool - February 22nd

The 2015 Oscar Pool is now open. You can create your pool and invite your friends and try to out pick them. Pool Commissioners have extra control this season to select the categories you want in your pool.

Picks are due by the Award show on ABC February 22nd at 7pm ET.


NFL/NCAA Pool - Use This One for NFL Post Season

Our most popular pool is back! Create your NCAA football pool, your NFL football pool, or your combination pool (both NCAA and NFL) pool here.
Use this pool for your NFL Post Season Pool.

Use this pool if you want your Bowl game pool to group each week of bowl games together. Use the pool above if you want all the Bowl games in one "week".

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frafer88 wrote at 3:38pm on January 22nd
Selma should be a winner not american sniper

dodijackson wrote at 1:24am on January 13th
I'd like to know when that tiebreaker score was changed to one point below mine, which was set over a week...more

shopvike wrote at 11:54am on January 12th
I lost the last 11 games in a row !!! That's not easy to do. Next year whoever finishes alone in last shoul...more

blackshaun wrote at 3:55pm on January 6th
I have one game left and 12 wins, I have OSU in the championship and if they cover I tie the leader.

CW7878 wrote at 9:49pm on January 5th
Is the last game between Ohio state and oregon a game that changes he number of games correct or just a gam...more
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