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CBS Survivor Season 33

Start your own CBS Survivor office game - Season 33 starts September 21st on CBS!
This season 10 Gen Xers compete against 10 Millennials for the winner and Sole Survivor. According to Wikipedia, this is the first season where a full evacuation was required . On day 2 of filming, teams were moved to saftey due to a cyclone in Fiji.


NFL/NCAA Pool - It is Football Season!!!

Our most popular pool is back! Create your College football, your NFL football, or your combination (both NCAA and NFL) pool here. Use this pool for all NFL and/or NCAA pools, except for the NFL Survivor Pool (see below for that pool).

NFL Pool

NFL Survivor

New this year - NFL Survivor pool. Each week, pick a winner. If you're wrong, you're out. Last person standing is the winner. Our pool has many options (pick losers instead of winners, multiple strikes instead of one, bye weeks, etc.).

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Amazing Race - Survivor
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Recent Discussion Topics -- Add Comment

(BB) Poop22 wrote at 9:38am
Hey roro jenn is in jail and i didnt really get to make my picks so give me 45 probably wont matt...more

Awmonk wrote at 10:05am on October 22nd
Aggs, Ole Miss, Wisconsin

magicode wrote at 9:27am on October 21st
Macon Dawg - for faster response - use CONTACT US at bottom of the page.

magicode wrote at 9:26am on October 21st
Macon Dawg: The commissioner can change the deadline via the CHANGE POOL PARAMETERS page - change the dead...more

Macon Dawg wrote at 9:03am on October 21st
Is there anyway to unlock our picks and re enter picks in college football pool? I did not mean to pick a...more
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