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CBS Survivor Season 31

Start your own CBS Survivor office game - Season 31 starts September 23rd on CBS!
This season, all new players in San Juan del Sur!

The Amazing Race Season 27

Friday's on CBS. Start your own Amazing Race office game - predict who will be last each leg of the race around the world!

NFL/NCAA Pool - It is Football Season!!!

Our most popular pool is back! Create your College football, your NFL football, or your combination (both NCAA and NFL) pool here.
Games start Thursday September 3rd with South Carolina at North Carolina and Michigan at Utah!

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Play in The's Pool - Win A Great Game

Our friends at The Spiel ( host an NFL pool each year and this year the winner gets a copy of Hand-Off: The Card Football Board Game from CSE Games. And if you like playing office pool games, you probably like other types of games and there's no better place to learn all about them than The Spiel podcast. Stephen and Dave just put out episode 215, so if you've never heard it before, there are many episodes to catch up on. I personally listen to their podcast and highly recommend you go to their site or subscribe through iTunes and try them out. Each episode covers the latest in new games as well as discussions of great classic board games. And it's free to join their pool - just click this link.

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Tyco IS LD Champ wrote at 1:00pm on November 26th
How will the bowl games work this year? I do the combo NFL/College pickem game. I'm set up to go through We...more

Craig Williams wrote at 6:51pm on November 22nd
how can I manually change the standings in my league? Or who do I have to contact to do so for me.

Fletch4Fantasy wrote at 1:34pm on November 22nd
Robin couldn't get her picks in, I was a witness, she texted me her picks prior to 1:00, I will adjust her...more

kirchbabe wrote at 11:00pm on November 19th
Next week is a double show for episodes 10 & 11. We can choose picks for episode 10. How do we choose pic...more

Joeboy90 wrote at 11:53pm on November 18th
How do I delete my account
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How to run your own Amazing Race Office Pool--> Read Article
Learn the best ways to run an Amazing Race Game.

How to run your own American Idol Office Pool--> Read Article
Learn the best ways to run the top Reality show game - an American Idol Game.

Tips on running an Office Pool--> Read Article

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Win a copy of Hand-Off: The Card Football Board Game from CSE Games in this pool!
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