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How to Play Amazing Race Pools

  • Amazing Race pools are played in two stages
    • Stage 1 starts when the show starts
      • Pick which team you think will be the winner (overall winner - typically worth 3 points * number of teams competing)
      • Assign 20 points to who you think will finish last each week
      • Receive the points assigned to the team who is last (whether eliminated or not)
      • You can change your overall winner pick anytime (worth 3 points * number of remaining teams)
    • Stage 2 starts during the final week (typically three teams left)
      • Assign 40 points to which team you think will win
      • Receive the points assigned to the winner of the Amazing Race
      • Receive overall winner points (1st, 2nd and 3rd place points are given)
    • All stages (Optional)
      • Answer bonus questions for additional points
      • Sample bonus questions:
        • Which team wins this week's leg?
        • Which occurs first, the Detour or the Roadblock?
  • Most points wins!
    • Total score = points won each week + bonus points + overall winner points
  • Start an Amazing Race Pool Now!
  • Don't have a pool to play in, join one of our partner pools - they're open to everyone and some offer great prizes.
Idol 36 Pool

Why Run A Pool On FunOfficePools

  • We do all the work for you
    • Just set up a pool and invite your friends
    • Automatic scoring after each selection show or game
    • See results and standings
  • Easy to use invitation system
    • Automatic address book keeps track of emails across multiple pools
    • Invite your friends with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Send messages and reminders to everyone in your pool
  • Flexibility in setting up pools
  • Run RealityTV and Sports pools from one site
    • CBS Survivor and Amazing Race
    • Survivor Amazing Race
    • College football, NFL football and World Cup
    • College Bowls nfl football World Cup
  • It's 100% Free!

Why Play A Pool On FunOfficePools

  • Easily input your picks on the internet
  • Play multiple games
  • Trash talk with your fellow players
  • Automatic reminders sent when picks are due
  • Play our partners' pools - many give out prizes
  • It's 100% Free!

Play Our Partner Pools

  • Pools are open to everyone
  • Play against other fans of the Amazing Race from some of the top AR blogs
  • Some of the pools offer great prizes!
  • Partner Pools for Amazing Race- COMING SOON
  • Have a website, blog, Facebook or Myspace page? Become a FOP partner - it's free and a great way to drive more traffic to your site. Contact us to find out more.

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