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How to Play Football Squares

  • Basic Concept
    • Each game consists of a 10x10 grid. Players "buy" grid spaces until the entire 100 squares are bought.
    • At the end of each quarter (or half or game, depending upon the option chosen), the last digit of the CUMULATIVE scores of the two teams is mapped into the grid (one team's score is used for the columns, the other for the rows).
    • The player who bought the square at the intersection of the last digit of the score wins that bet.
    • Usually the score is compared 4 times - at the end of the first quarter, then end of the half, then end of the 3rd quarter and then end of the game. However, the commissioner can set up the game to only compare the scores at the halves or at the end of the game.
  • How to Play
    • From the Picks page enter the initials you want to use to identify your picks, and also choose a color scheme for your picks by selecting your favorite team.
    • Hit the CLICK TO SET button.
    • Now choose the squares you want by clicking the BUY button in each square.
    • As soon as you click the BUY button you will purchase that square (you do not have to hit the CLICK TO SET button each time).
    • If you change your mind and no longer want a square, hit the SELL button to release that square.
    • Note - if you happen to hit the BUY button when someone else is also on the site in your game and they hit the BUY button for that square slightly before you, the square will show a notification that it was not purchased.
  • Inputting Picks for Multiple Players
    • A commissioner can create selections for multiple players by clicking on the Add Local Players button.
    • Once the players are set up, the commissioner can input for the Local Players by using the Group Picks button.
    • The commissioner can also make or change the picks of any player via the Group Picks page.
    • This feature is there to allow this to be used live at Super Bowl parties so everyone doesn't have to log in separately.
  • Options:
    • When Payouts Occur - You can set up your game to pay out at the end of each quarter, the end of each half, or just at the end of the game. If you choose the quarter or half option, the last payout is at the end of the game, not the end of the 4th quarter if there is a tie.
    • Different Random Numbers Each Quarter - You can set up your game to have the same set of random numbers at each quarter, or to have a new set of random numbers each quarter. The former is the more traditional way of playing, but the latter allows the boxes to have much more randomized numbers (so the person who gets 0,0 or 7,0 doesn't have a huge advantage).
    • Minimum Number of Squares - The commissioner can set the minimum number of squares each person has to buy in order to play the game.
    • Maximum Number of Squares - The commissioner can set the maximum number of squares each person can buy.
    • Reveal Date - The commissioner can set the date and time that the random numbers are revealed. The default is at kickoff; however, if you choose to run you pool so that the numbers are known before people make their picks, you can reveal the numbers earlier, including immediately by choosing the NOW option.
    • Deadline Date -The commissioner can set the date and time that the pool locks down - after which no more squares can be bought or sold. To close the pool from further picks immediatley, choose the NOW option.

Why Run A Pool On FunOfficePools

  • We do all the work for you
    • Just set up a pool and invite your friends
    • Automatic scoring after each selection show or game
    • See results and standings
  • Easy to use invitation system
    • Automatic address book keeps track of emails across multiple pools
    • Invite your friends with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Send messages and reminders to everyone in your pool
  • Flexibility in setting up pools
  • Run RealityTV and Sports pools from one site
    • CBS Survivor and Amazing Race
    • Survivor Amazing Race
    • College football, NFL football and World Cup
    • College Bowls nfl football World Cup
  • It's 100% Free!

Why Play A Pool On FunOfficePools

  • Easily input your picks on the internet
  • Play multiple games
  • Trash talk with your fellow players
  • Automatic reminders sent when picks are due
  • Play our partners' pools - many give out prizes
  • It's 100% Free!

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