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How to Play NFL Football Surivor Pools

  • Basic Concept:
    • Each week you pick a team to win. If it wins (straight up, no spreads), you survive. If it doesn't win (including a tie game), you're out of the pool. Last person remaining in the pool is the winner!
    • We have many options for this pool - check them out below.
  • Choose your Game Type:
    • Pick Winners - Players are picking a team to win each week.
    • Pick Losers - Players are picking a team to lose each week.
  • Choose Number of Strikes (1 or 2)
    • Normally you only get one strike and you're out. This can be increased so you have to miss twice before you are eliminated.
  • Choose Number of Byes (0, 1 or 2)
    • By default you get no Byes (skip making a pick that week). This can be set to 1 or 2 if you want to allow players to choose a week where they don't make a pick and not get a strike. Note - if a player has a Bye available and does not make any picks, the Bye will automatically be used for that week. In this way, a Bye is like the default picks in other pools (although it is limited to 1 or 2 uses per season).
  • Choose Number of Games To Pick Each Week (1 or 2)
    • Default is pick one game a week. This can be increased so each player makes two picks each week. Each game missed counts as a strike.
  • Choose Number of Times a Team May Be Picked (1, 2 or unlimited)
    • This limits a player from continually picking a dominant team over and over (or a really bad team if picking losers).
  • Choose Number of Times a Team May Be Picked Against (1, 2 or unlimited)
    • This limits a player from continually picking a bad team to lose (if picking winners) over and over (or a really good team to win if picking losers).
  • Choose Whether a Tie Counts as a Strike
    • By default, a tie counts as a strike (since the team didn't win). However, the commissioner can set this option that a tie will not count as a strike.
  • Choose the Deadline for your pool
    • Default - Picks are due before kickoff of each game, or noon of Saturday (NCAA/Combo) or 1:00 Sunday (NFL), whichever is earlier.
    • First Game - Picks are due before kickoff of the first game in your pool. After that, ALL games are locked.
    • Game Start - Picks are due before kickoff of each game in your pool. Use this option if you want people to be able to make or change their picks at any time up to the start of a game.
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Why Run A Pool On FunOfficePools

  • We do all the work for you
    • Just set up a pool and invite your friends
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  • Easy to use invitation system
    • Automatic address book keeps track of emails across multiple pools
    • Invite your friends with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Send messages and reminders to everyone in your pool
  • Flexibility in setting up pools
  • Run RealityTV and Sports pools from one site
    • CBS Survivor and Amazing Race
    • Survivor Amazing Race
    • College football, NFL football and World Cup
    • College Bowls nfl football World Cup
  • It's 100% Free!

Why Play A Pool On FunOfficePools

  • Easily input your picks on the internet
  • Play multiple games
  • Trash talk with your fellow players
  • Automatic reminders sent when picks are due
  • Play our partners' pools - many give out prizes
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Play Our Partners Pools

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